PhD Perils & Pitfalls Map

Print. Post on your Wall. Navigate Problems.

The first year doctoral journey is not easy. You need a reminder of the potential dangers so that you can consciously avoid them. Use this map in conjunction with the research design canvas. Read Making A Positive Start To Your PhD Or Professional Doctorate to learn how to use the map and canvas to proactively avoid and overcome problems with the different components of your research project.

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PhD Perils & Pitfalls - Diagnosis

When you encounter or experience a problem, get stuck, become confused, or lose focus, refer to the diagnosis. Identify problems in different areas of your research and Thesis.

What is causing your problem

Avoid And Overcome Problems

Use the research design canvas to adopt a systematic approach to your research and Thesis.

In Making A Positive Start, you'll learn how to use the research design canvas to help you adopt a systematic approach to your research and Thesis. This includes details about how to overcome the common perils and pitfalls using the prompts and questions in the nine canvas building blocks.

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