Dr. Ben Ellway

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Canberra. I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge. I have taught research classes at the doctoral level and masters level, and I regularly conduct research seminars and workshops. My experience has taught me that research is complex and can be incredibly challenging, often resulting in a long, uncertain, and frustrating process. Through Academic Toolkit I aim to make the process of planning, designing, writing, and publishing research both easier and more enjoyable.


I drew inspiration from the innovative Business Model Canvas (www.strategyzer.com), which has been used by over 5 million people worldwide as a collaborative tool to create, analyze, and improve business models. Applying the canvas concept to academic research, I've created four canvases to help you with your Thesis or Dissertation, to publish a journal article, to effectively frame and justify your research, and to design a research project with a practical orientation.


The three canvases will help you solve problems, overcome obstacles, reach important milestones, and create, design, write, and publish quality research.

The Research Design Canvas: for doctoral degree students (PhD, Professional Doctorates, etc) and designing an academic research project.

The Article Design Canvas: for designing and writing a journal article, including initial draft, manuscript submission, and revision of a paper.

The Research Framing and Justification Canvas: for more effectively framing and justifying your research.

The Research Project Canvas: for designing a practice-oriented research project for industry, government, business, or community

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