For a very limited time only, receive a free analysis of your research design canvas

A one-off opportunity -  your chance to receive free feedback on your completed research design canvas from, Dr. Ben Ellway at Academic Toolkit.

It doesn't matter if you are in your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Year of your PhD - you can be at any stage in your research journey to participate!

I'm currently finalizing my forthcoming book on the research design canvas. I've incorporated real PhD students' canvases into the text to demonstrate how it works.

I've already got numerous examples but I'm looking for more diversity and am also curious to hear your experiences of using the canvas and how it helped you.

I'm therefore offering free analysis and feedback for one week only. If you wish to participate, simply complete a few details below for the research design canvas word file.

After sending your completed research design canvas, I'll provide a free analysis of it with targeted feedback on building blocks and connections, which may include comments, suggestions, or questions.

Whether you are

just starting your PhD journey,

preparing for a confirmation seminar,

finalizing a research proposal,

about to start data collection,

close to submission,

or simply confused about your PhD,

completing the research design and receiving feedback will give you direction, provide clarity, increase your confidence, enable breakthroughs in understanding, and allow you to make demonstrable progress.