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The Research Design Canvas

I'm writing a Thesis or Dissertation for my PhD, Doctorate, Research Masters, or Honours Degree. (Or I supervise, teach, or manage research students).

Free Book Chapter

Download the first chapter of Making a Positive Start to your PhD or Professional Doctorate.

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PhD Perils & Pitfalls

I want a visual reminder of the dangers in the first year journey, so that I can consciously avoid them.

1st Year PhD Monthly Planner

I want to adopt a systematic approach to my first year, and organise and utilise my time effectively to help me understand academic research and shape my own project.

Mid-Journey Research Design Canvas

I want to systematically reflect upon my progress so far and evaluate how I've upheld, implemented, or departed from my original choices and decisions.

Research Framing & Justification Canvas

I want to better frame my own research around past literature. I want to justify the importance of my research questions in relation to existing research.

Pitch to Persuade Canvas

I want to craft a compelling pitch to persuade others that my research is interesting and important.

Coming Soon!

The Article Design Canvas

I'm developing an initial draft, preparing to submit a manuscript, revising and resubmitting, or rewriting a rejected paper.

The Research Project Canvas

I'm planning a new research project! Suitable for Industry, Government, Students, and Academics.

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